Tuesday, 16 May 2017

What kind of quality do African fabrics possess?

With unique features and distinct designs, African fabrics have made waves in the fashion industry. It is now one of the most used fabrics in the fashion world. Traditional designs and colours which represent different African tribes can be easily seen on these dresses. There are different well-known designers out there in the world trying their hands on these dresses and getting successful shows. African fabric store are enjoying the success of these fabrics in the fashion world.

Wax prints

A lot of African fabrics are printed by the wax print method. Wax is melted and placed on the cloth as a pattern. After that, the cloth is soaked in dye and pattern are made on the wax area. These fabrics are produced in countries like Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria in traditional methods.

The Indonesians were the original producers of the wax prints. The technology was imported into Holland from Indonesia and improvements came in technology there. The best quality of the fabric is used in wax prints and the quality of traditional wax prints are higher than machine printing still today.

Quality of fabric

A good level of care is given while producing the African fabrics. Best and pure quality of cotton is used while making these clothes. The maintenance of these clothes depends a lot on the quality of the fabric. People don’t need to check the quality of cotton used if they buy African fabric dresses. They are durable as well as affordable.

It is a comfortable attire in temperate parts of Africa and during the summer time in northern parts of the world. There are several places where you can buy these beautiful clothing lines. Many online portals got African fabrics for sale online. Buy genuine and beautiful fabrics straight from the hands of African weavers, contact us now.

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