Wednesday, 3 May 2017

What are some latest African fabrics in trend?

Are you looking for a party wear with distinctive colours and traditional styles? If you’re getting bored with all the formal wears and want to try something new then go for African wears, they will surely get everyone’s attention. African fabrics are getting highlighted in many fashion shows around the world due to their diverse patterns and bright colours. People buy African fabrics dresses to show their style statement. The patterns on these fabrics represent different tribes of Africa and colours usually represent the occasion.
There are some types of African fabrics currently in fashion.
  1. Angelina prints
Angelina prints are widely worn in West Africa in countries like Ghana, Togo, and Nigeria. These materials peaked their popularity in the 70’s when they coincided with a hit song named “Angelina” by Ghanaian highlife group ‘The Sweet Talks.’ They are made to wear on any festival or occasion as their colourful and vivid designs are suitable for every joyous event. Both genders wear it in different tribes of Ghana.
  1. Kente
The bright and multi-colored Kente cloth is native to Western African region. The word Kente refers to the woven cloth in Asante dialect which is widely spoken in Ivory Coast, Ghana, and some other parts of Western Africa. In old times, it can only be afforded by only royalties. Geometric shapes are woven in bright colours across the entire length of the strip. The dyes used on Kente were developed from different plants and range of colours evolved. There are many authentic African fabrics store selling Kente for various occasions. Kente is the most renowned and offered African textile available in today’s market.

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